Raw milk
You can find raw, unpasteurized milk in New York. I’ve been buying raw cheeses but haven’t seen any raw milk in any health food stores including Commodoties, my local haunt. Pasteurization kills the healthy natural enzymes in the milk that aid in digestion. It creates a dead food. For more information on raw dairy check out the Raw Milk Facts site.

This is from the “Real Milk” website:

Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamins C, B12 and B6, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease and cancer.

Pasteur had reason to help sterilize the unsanitary 1920′s agricultural conditions that were creating health problems; but its 2007 and we need to smarten up and educate ourselves so we can properly nourish our families.

Here is the list:
Barker: Teacup Farm , 2278 Johnson Creek RD, Niagara County, http://www.teacupfarm.com/
Expect NYS certifcate to sell raw cows milk 2-3-07. Supplies are limited. $5. a gallon bring your own contianer. Anticipated certification to sell raw goat’s milk spring 2007, Starting
to form a buyers list. Raw Goats Milk will be $5.00 a gallon. Bring your own containers.
(716) 795-3651 or cell (716) 807-2963, EMAIL- Teacuplizzy@aol.com or Neadow7@msn.com . All Naturally Beef and Pork, Fresh Brown Eggs. Live goats for sale for meat. No Antibiotics or Hormones in either milk or meat.
Clifton Springs: Galens Homestead Acres, Steve and Hope Galens, 3023 Taylor Rd., Clifton Springs, NY 14432, (315) 462-5178, galens@fltg.net . NYS licensed to sell raw milk from the farm. 50 Holstein-mix cows, pasture-fed as weather allows, low somatic cell count.
Clyde: JD Farm owners Paul and Linda Jeremenko, 9777 Old Rt. 31, Clyde,New York 14433, (315) 923-7660, Pasha7660@yahoo.com . Raw milk available, no antibiotics or hormones, pasture fed. Organic certified.
Dobbs Ferry: Farm Food Buying Club. They offer for home delivery fresh raw dairy products, cows milk, goats milk, butter, cheeses:colby, colbydill, cheddar, swiss, cows and goats
yogurt, buttermilk, heavy cream, light cream, creme fraiche, eggs, maple syrup, Black
seed oil for immune health, black seed oil creme for skin, organic raw tahini sauce (using the farm yogurt) organic falafel and much more. They deliver to Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, New York City, New Jersey and Westchester County. Some deliveries are at central locations , others are door to door. There is a delivery fee of $5 local and $10 long distance.
Call Kathy, Regina or Mouaz. A price sheet will be sent to you promptly. (973) 772-6517.
East Aurora: Thorpe’s Organic Family Farm has a cow share program for raw milk from certified organic Jerseys, pasture fed. They also sell certified organic vegetables, grains, and chicken, brown eggs, beef and pork. (716) 655-4486; 12866 Rt. 78, East Aurora, NY .
East Meredith: Located in Delaware County, in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Kortright Creek Creamery produces grass fed, organic goat milk and is licensed to sell raw milk on the farm. Their pasteurized goat milk is sold in food cooperatives and health food stores throughout New York and Massachusetts. Tom and Denise Warren, 1211 Kelso Road, East Meredith, NY 13757, Phone: (607) 278-5773. Website: www.stoneandthistlefarm.com
Eaton: The Small Street Co-op, 2104 Braley Brook Rd, (315) 684-7215 , smallst@dreamscape.com . Provides delivery service from 11 local (some organic) farms. One of the farms sells organic, non-homogenized milk from pasture-fed cows, as well as raw milk for pet consumption.
Fallsburg: M&S Farms, Ph (845) 436-8287, customcreations1000@yahoo.com . Sells raw goat’s milk, organic produce grown on site, and eggs.
Genoa: Deepwater Farm, 3128 Blakley Road, Genoa, NY 13071, Contact: Philip Stauderman, (315) 246-0689, deepwater_farm@yahoo.com . Certified Organic Raw Milk and Grass-fed Beef (no website at this time, working on it).
Gilbertsville: Butternut Farms, (607) 783-2392.
Ghent: Hawthorne Valley Farm, (518) 672-7500, Ext. 1, http://www.hawthornevalleyfarm.org.
Hoosick Falls: Breese Hollow Dairy, 454 Breese Hollow Rd, Hoosick Falls, New York 12090, Chuck and Diane Phippen, (518) 686-4044, DCPhippen@JUNO.com . A grass fed Jersey Dairy, licensed to sell raw milk on the farm.
Hudson: Cow share program at a biodynamic farm. Contact Arthur and Anna Lups, (518) 828-1966.
Ithaca: Meadowsweet Farm, (607) 582-6954, www.meadowsweetfarm.com. Sells raw milk from pasture-fed Jersey cows. Makes and sells raw milk cheeses through their website.
Keeseville: Denise & Sam Hendren, (518) 834-7306. Certified organic small farmer. Raw milk and cheese available. (Northern NY-Adirondack region)
North Rose: Rosedale Farm, 9882 Miner Road, (315)587 4246, patty14516@yahoo.com or taylor14516@yahoo.com .
Livingston Manor, Parksville, Liberty, and the rest of Sullivan County: Mariesha Dairy Goats sells raw goat milk on the farm. Soon raw hard-pressed cheeses will be available. marieawatson@catskill.net . Better to call (845) 292-0076.
Portville: Trevor and Elizabeth Thompson, (716) 933.8543. Milk from pasture-raised Jerseys and goats.
Potsdam: Laing Family Farm, 772 CR 35, (315) 265-3179, laingsfarm@aol.com . Certified Organic and NYS Licensed for raw milk sales. Award-winning, high quality raw milk available in addition to organic eggs, grass fed organic beef, pork, chickens, rabbits and Thanksgiving Turkeys.
S New Berlin: Butternut Valley Organics, Brian and Mira Wind, 1113 River Rd, S New Berlin, NY 13843, phone: (607) 783-2500, butternutvalleyorganics@yahoo.com . Raw Goat milk for sale on site during milking times. Organic Certification pending. Please bring your own container or you can buy one from them on site. Milking times are 7-9am and 7-9pm every day. Also have a herd share program. Vegetables, certified organic pastured poultry and eggs for sale all year round as well as CSA shares available all-year round.
Stockton: Green Pastures Farm, David and Kay Snell, 8304 Kelly Hill Road, Stockton NY, 14784. Phone: (716) 673-1861. Email: snellfamily@netsync.net
West Potsdam: Windy Ridge Dairy, Stephanie and Ray Hill, 2051 CR 35 West Potsdam, NY. Certified Organic, NY inspected and permitted raw milk from a small herd of Holstein and Jersey cows. Customers must bring clean, large mouthed containers to the farm. Please call in advance. (315) 265 1618
Worcester: Certified to sell raw milk. Seasonal (spring, summer and fall), grass-fed Jersey cows. No confinment, excellent quaility milk, high butterfat. Please feel free to call or email for availability or questions. Darren and Lori McGrath at Autumnvalleyfarm@stny.rr.com . Phone (607) 397-7741.